Hi, I'm Simone

Shaman. Sacred Sound Singer. Psychlogist.

World Lover. Life Explorer. Author. Speaker. Nomad.

About The Author

Simone Wiedenhöft is a bridge between the worlds. She was an academic psychologist once, turned into a Shaman then. Now she is breathing union of both, living the often beautiful and sometimes challenging dance of intuition and intellect in everyday life. She loves to experience life from a place of freedom, love and joy, and she loves to empower and encourage others to do the same – in her working, in her speaking, in her wholehearted being.

She lives in Germany at the moment. Her heart belongs to the world.

Simone Wiedenhöft is a diplom-psychologist, scientifically educated at Bremen University, German, spiritually guided and trained by Spirits and Shamans.  
​She is NOT a physician or a medical or mental health professional, nor is she a psychotherapist. Her work can complement any healing work, e.g. your work with your physician, other (mental) health care professionals or your psychotherapist. It is never intended to replace it. 
Simone does not give any diagnosis and she does not guarantee any results.

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