What Makes You Worthy?

Ocean and Boat – You are already worthy



The fact that you are here on Earth is proof.

Can you imagine Mother Earth talking to a dog, a cat or a fish telling them that they are not worthy? I can't.

Why should it be different with humans?

We all are worthy just because we are.

The problem is that we sometimes BELIEVE that we are not. And this belief is a tricky one. Because it is hidden, most of the time.

If we believe that we are not worthy, worthless even, we do everything to hide this belief from ourselves.To proof it wrong.

At the same time, we do everything to prove it right. That makes life really exhausting.

The next thing is: it poisons every area of our life. And other people can't make us believe otherwise even if they try. They can hold the space and the can show us doors, but it us who need to make the step.

If we are not willing to make the step, to believe that we are worthy, nobody else can convince us. NOBODY.

Worthiness is an inside job. As everything else is.

That doesn't mean that it is just one step and "you just need to believe in yourself". Oh no.

Sometimes it can be a sudden aha that changes everything. But most of the time it is a journey of its own. Layer by layer by layer.

Because unworthiness comes in many different versions. Often "I am not worthy" is a cover for something more rude, more ugly that lives below.

I am dirt. I am scum. I am sh*t. I am nothing at all.

Nothing of this is ever and will ever be true, even if it feels like that. Nothing.

Once it was a strategy to give name to something we couldn't understand otherwise. We needed a reason and we found one in ourselves. We created one in ourselves.

That actually was an act of power. To gain control in a situation where we didn't feel like control at all.

Today we have other powers. We don't need this kind of it-seems-to-be-power-but-it's-not kind of power anymore.

We are worthy just because we are.

It might be scary. It is a journey. Layer by layer.

It always starts with the first step.

The decision to change.

Are you willing to step through the door?

Simone Wiedenhöft
About The Author

Simone Wiedenhöft is a bridge between the worlds. She was an academic psychologist once, turned into a Shaman then. Now she is breathing union of both, living the often beautiful and sometimes challenging dance of intuition and intellect in everyday life. She loves to experience life from a place of freedom, love and joy, and she loves to empower and encourage others to do the same – in her working, in her speaking, in her wholehearted being.

She lives in Germany at the moment. Her heart belongs to the world.